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DeFi Kingdoms Official Docs
DeFi Kingdoms Game Site
DeFi Kingdoms Beta Site
DeFi Kingdoms Analytics


Latest Newsletters and Weekly AMA
Official DeFi Kingdoms Newsletter
Weekly AMA Summary (Development Team) by Samichpunch
The Hero’s Hold by MrZipper
Whale Watch and Key Analytics Report by Samichpunch

News on Expansion
Introducing the Crystalvale Realm
AVAX Expansion Doc (pdf download)
AVAX Expansion FAQ (
pdf download)
AVAX Expansion AMA (Dec 02, 2021) by Samichpunch
Airdrop Information

Other Relevant Links

These resources has been authored by the DeFi Kingdoms team members and helpful community members. Be sure to give them some love!

Beginner’s Hub

General Information

Hero Information

Quest Information

The Perilous Journey

Useful Tools

Helpful Images and Diagrams

Full-sized compiled version of the diagrams above-> link

Meditation Circle
Training Quests

Featured YouTubers

To view their channel, simply click their pictures.
Crypto with Tosh
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