Wishing Well: What is it and How do I use it?

2 min readNov 4, 2021

Alternatively, you can watch TheHighIndian’s tutorial here.

Wishing Well location

It is said that the sparkling waters of this well hold a magical connection to Gaia’s will. At times, her Tears spring forth from the depths, and Heroes who commune here slowly grow in power…

Wishing well is a new feature in which you can send your heroes out to a quest and receive rewards. It was released on November 04, 2021.


  • You should at least own one (1) hero.
  • Your hero should at least have five (5) stamina.
    (NOTE: 1 stamina is replenished every 20 minutes.)
  • Enough ONE for the minimal gas fees. (1 ONE is more than enough.)

Potential Rewards:

  • Hero gains at least 1 XP per quest attempt.
  • Chance to get Gaia’s Tears (used for summoning other heroes)
  • Additional 10 XP if your hero successfully gets Gaia’s Tears.

How do I use it?

  1. Select a hero that has enough stamina.
  2. Adjust the number of quest attempts that you would like.
    (1 attempt = 5 stamina)
  3. Click “Start Quest” to send your hero to the Quest.
  4. Click “Complete Quest” to receive the rewards.

Important Notes

  • Gaia’s Tears CA: 0x24eA0D436d3c2602fbfEfBe6a16bBc304C963D04
  • The gas fees are typically higher because it performs more calculations than usual. If you think it’s too high (exceeding 0.5 ONE), reject the transaction and try again.
  • Hero Rarity does not influence reward probability.
  • You can hover your mouse at “Stamina” to know when will your hero get full stamina.
Bonus Tip! This is how you can quest faster if you have many heroes.1. Open the game site in multiple tabs. (If you have 10 heroes, open it 10 times.)
2. Click the Wishing Well, click select hero, then proceed to another tab. Repeat this until you have done it in every tab.
3. Once the Hero inventory loads, click the hero then set it to the number of attempts you desire, then proceed to next tab. Repeat.
4. Click Start Quest, then proceed to another tab. Repeat.
5. Approve all pending transactions on MetaMask.
6. Click Complete Quest, then proceed to another tab. Repeat.
7. Approve all pending transactions on MetaMask.

Enjoy questing!

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