DeFi Kingdoms Bridging Guide (JEWEL)

3 min readMar 8, 2022


This guide will help you bridge your JEWEL from Harmony Network to Avalanche Network. This article will be regularly updated for other bridgeable assets and further expansions.

DISCLAIMER: DeFi Kingdoms is not responsible for any loss of funds due to user error or technical issues, so please use this guidance at your own risk. We also have some helpful community members who will be more than glad to help you through this process.💡 LIFE-SAVING TIP: If possible, do micro transactions first!

STEP 1: Go to the Multichain Site

You can access the Multichain site by clicking the World Map > Docks, interact with Dockmaster, then click Multichain.

Alternatively, you can go to this link:

STEP 2: Go to Multichain Router and connect your wallet.

The router function will be used to bridge your JEWELs from Harmony to Avalanche.

STEP 3: Select the appropriate token and network.

Select JEWEL and Harmony Mainnet in the FROM section and JEWEL and Avalanche Mainnet in the TO section. Make sure that your Metamask is connected to the Harmony network when bridging.

HARMONY NETWORK (MetaMask)Network Name: Harmony Mainnet
ChainID: 1666600000
Symbol: ONE
Block Explorer URL:

STEP 4: Route your JEWELs to Avalanche.

Input the amount of JEWELs that you want to bridge. Take note of the crosschain fees that are indicated on the bottom section of the router.

-- Crosschain Fee: 0.1%
-- Minimum Crosschain Fee: 0.94 JEWEL
-- Minimum Crosschain Amount: 1.9 JEWEL

Approve the JEWEL spending contract first, then proceed with the swap. You can opt to use the Send To function if you intend to send the tokens to a different wallet address. It will be sent to the same address by default.

Swap Approval

After confirming the transaction, Multichain will give you a transaction hash to monitor the bridging. The JEWELs should be bridged to Avalanche after a few minutes, depending on the amount of JEWELs and the network congestion.

Add the Avalanche Network in your Metamask and import the JEWEL (AVAX) contract address in your Metamask.

JEWEL (AVAX) — 0x4f60a160D8C2DDdaAfe16FCC57566dB84D674BD6

AVALANCHE NETWORK (METAMASK)Network Name: Avalanche Network
ChainID: 43114
Symbol: AVAX
Block Explorer URL:

If you need technical support from Multichain, visit this link.




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