True Hero of the Week: Tosh

4 min readDec 23, 2021
Welcome, citizens of the Kingdoms! This series is called True Hero of the Week. Every week, we will be hearing from a valued community member, get to know them more, and listen to their DeFi Kingdoms story! I hope that you are all excited to meet the people that makes this community great. Enjoy reading!

Tosh is one of the DeFi Kingdoms Brand Ambassadors and overall a great guy. He makes DeFi Kingdoms YouTube content, he streams from time-to-time and gives out heroes! Definitely subscribe in his YouTube channel.

He’s been aware of bitcoin since 2012 as a young, broke college student. He didn’t invest into crypto until early 2021 with $100 in dogecoin at $.07. He studied all sorts of crypto, the markets, and used his background in studying behavior to take a sociological perspective of the markets (after all, the markets are just made up of people). With some success at a $.62 cash-out on doge, he was excited to see how he can do this again with a bigger stack, and low and behold, discovered gaming crypto. After learning a ton and participating in the Axie Ecosystem, he acquired a good sense about the things that made it so quality. When he saw DeFi Kingdoms, he immediately observed how this plan was so much more, and he instantly aped! Outside of crypto, he also enjoys going to shows, singing, cycling, connecting with new people, spending time outdoors/in the mountains, and try to ski every day that the snow is worth it!

This is his favorite hero, Hegil Bluetail (#2062) (He didn’t even need to look this up, he pretty much had this hero inside his head). This was the hero that Frisky gave him for being an early content creator. It is a very magnificient mythic shiny! In the words of Tosh, “Sooo insane!”. This hero has also given him many dark knights.

How did you discover DeFi Kingdoms?

It was a stroke of luck scrolling Twitter on a boring Friday night. Alex Becker’s hunt for Neo Tokyo NFTs was winding down and I saw a post with less than 10 likes on it mentioning DFK. Checked it out and made my first JEWEL purchase at $.32 earning 25,000% APR in the liquidity pools! Thoooose were the days 🙂 Exciting times!

In your opinion, what makes this project great?

Sooooo many things!

The team — Fox, Tango, Hubert and crew know what they are doing at such an impressive level. They understand the needs of this community and are always there to balance them for the greater good as much as possible and be quick to respond to the community needs

The design/whitepaper — The design of this ecosystem is brilliant. The way that liquidity pools were managed with locked rewards, the mechanics behind how summoning heroes works, to the ways that xJEWEL holders are rewarded, it’s seriously so good!

The community — I’ve started to explore even more of the bigger communities out there, and there is just nothing compared to DeFi Kingdoms. Everyone here is so genuinely stoked about the game, and the amount of giving I’ve seen from this community is like no other. A lot of us early fish here “made it” and find ways to share it back — keep posted on my channel for more giveaways! Even those that don’t have a ton are often eager to help out or give back to the community, which is so warming to see! There’s no doubt we’re gonna make it if we can sustain this together!

What would you like to see in the future?

Land in my wallet 😉 Haha! But for real, I can’t wait to see what land gameplay does to unite the community in new ways!! It’s exciting to me that the people in discord and hanging out in this community all have a real chance of making the “quit your job” money or reaching their financial goals through this amazing game! DFK has already been life changing for me and I get so stoked about unlocking that for others here!

Describe DeFi Kingdoms in 3 to 5 words.

Message for the Community

Love you all! We’re all a part of an incredible project that has the opportunity to change all our lives for the better! Be good to each other, be loose with your helping hand, and stay grateful yet humble if you’ve made it or when you make it here 🙂

Contact Information:

Crypto with Tosh — YouTube

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