DeFi Kingdoms for Commoners #2: Introduction (Liquidity Pools)

Hello, reader! DeFi Kingdoms for Commoners series is written for audience who have little to no experience in the world of cryptocurrency. My main goal in writing this is to provide in-depth information about DeFi Kingdoms in simpler terms. This is the second installment of this series, feel free to navigate around my profile to read on the previous one. Happy learning!

What is DeFi Kingdoms?

Liquidity Pools

Slippage is the difference between the expected price of a trade and the price at which it will be executed. Trading at low liquidity, highly volatile assets will usually result to a high slippage. Slippage is also bound to increase at large orders with small volume from the bid and ask side.

Yield Farming

DeFi Kingdoms Liquidity Pools

DeFi Kingdoms World Map
Thanks for reading!

DeFi Kingdoms



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